Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Calling all my international readers!!!

Ok folks, if you read my blog and you are not from the United States, I need a favor. I have decided to start a little project with my day care kids. We want to have an "International Foods Week" before school starts. I am looking for some traditional recipes for meals and snacks that kids enjoy from all over the world. I know I have readers from Australia, England and the Middle East and other places I have never heard of LOL and I know I have American readers who could probably pass along some of their favorite international recipes too...I would consider it a huge favor if you could post a comment to this blog with some food and recipe ideas for us to consider! Any foods that you feel are native or traditional in your region, especially something that we would not normally fix in the U.S. The only catch is, I need to be able to find the ingredients here, or at least have some substitute ideas.

If you recipes come with any stories or background information I would love that would bring a lot more meaning to the kids if they knew the history of the dish - right before they go "Eeeeewww are we really gonna eat that?!" LOL ~ I can already hear it now, but I think this will be a fun educational activity. Plus I love to cook....don't hesitate to send recipes that might require some effort, I am not afraid of my kitchen, it is where I am most at home! Bring on the recipes!!

If I had anything to offer as a prize for the best submissions I would...but I don't....unless you want some fresh garden tomatoes and sweet corn! LOL!


3rd... said...

just read through all your posts.. was gone for some days - and boy can you write! LOL
(saw your pic.. how cool to see how u look - looking good!!)

but uhm... dear.. not good in the kitchen

If I think of anything will let you know. I usually go with Peanut Butter and jelly and whatever you can buy ready made in the store...

Mum-me said...

Have you ever made Aussie lamingtons? They are easy but messy. Just make a sponge cake and bake it in a slab pan (I think you'd call it chiffon cake of angel cake). When it's cool cut it into square/rectangle shapes. Now for the messy part - dip all 6 sides of the cake in a thick chocolate glaze, then carefully roll it in dessicated/finely grated coconut. For extra taste (and extra mess) you can slice the slab in half and put a layer of cream inside before doing the icing and coconut. The children will love doing the icing, but you have to keep reminding them not to lick their fingers (almost impossible!!!)