Saturday, December 6, 2008

Last Entry

I have been trying to delete all my posts, but as there are over 300 it's going to take me a very long time, so I will just leave this up long enough for my regular readers to see be made aware that this blog is going to be deleted in a few days. I feel like my heart is being ripped out, this blog was my safe place to express myself. I feel like I am burning a diary.

It seems my anonymous outlet for writing about my feelings is no longer anonymous. I know that I shared this address with a few of my close friends and some family on my Dad's side. Apparently I am anonymous no more and have to say goodbye. My husband's family is now reading my blog. I have hurt people by expressing my feelings and I fear the only hope I have of repairing any damage I have done is by silencing myself. I will still try to keep up with everyone's blogs. You, my readers, have brought me a lot of joy and comfort in the last year. Thank you for that.

I will miss you all. I don't know how I can possibly find a way to express myself the same way again.


Mountain Woman said...

I just am so sorry to see you leave.

Shannon said...

Wahhhhh.... I'll miss you! You could always do a PRIVATE blog... that's what I did! And I love that I know exactly who may be reading my blog! If you do... let me know! I'd love to keep up with you!!

Debra said...

Oh, Jada! I am so sad. This really sucks! Do you know you are the first blog I check every day? Damn. Please, please, please, keep us in the loop.

We love ya girlfriend!

~D (and ES, too)

Hidden Sage said...

Aww! We'll miss you...'m a regular here.
I really hope you don't totally disappear,I agree with Shannon, set up a private blog :-)