Friday, March 28, 2008

Little Miss Martha.....sorta

Now that the fear of some deadly disease festering in my innards has somewhat passed... my mind is wandering back to the place it always settles in this time of year. Plans plans plans for Spring. I must have planted 100's of bulbs last fall and have started 100's of seeds this winter for spring flowers. Now before anyone starts thinking I am Miss Martha Stewart or anything, let me just explain that I am a slacker extraordinaire! I start out with a bang....and usually go out like the faint ding of a teeny tiny bell! Especially when my big ideas require an extensive amount of upkeep and effort on my part! If only the garden would take care of itself! I am resolving this year to do better. This is the first year in our new home and the first year I have really had the strong desire to landscape. Before, when we lived in a trailer I really just didn't give a shit. But now I have this beautiful home that I am so proud of, and want to enhance her with lots of color and texture and blooms and blossoms and fragrance!! I have 6 hanging pots starting for the porch filled with nasturtium, sweet peas and lobelia. I have petunias out the patootie, sweet willie coming out the...ok we'll leave that one alone...anyway I am beyond excited!

So anybody want to start taking bets now on what this 'dream garden' is gonna look like come August! LMAO!! Chances are you'll make some good money!

On another happy note, since I am feeling nearly fabulous today I started work on my cousin's wedding cake. Cake decorating is a favorite hobby of mine, that someday maybe I will try to make a career out of (when my little ones are old enough to stop poking the cake and licking off the icing...sorry Liz! ;0), but it's been a while since I have done one. I guess my son's birthday in June would be the last time. Anyhoo this cake is going to be 3 square tiers, 16", 12", and 8"...very classy, with a large ribbon around the base of each. I am going to attempt to make marshmallow fondant icing. Anyone who has ever had the store bought fondant knows it tastes horrible....that's the really smooth icing that kinda feels like play dough that you end up peeling off so that you can tolerate eating the cake....I NEVER use it! But this cake is just screaming for the smooth matte fondant look. So I found a recipe online that all the cake decorators swear by. It's made with marshmallows...and let's face it, nothing with marshmallows in it is bad! If they could find a way to wrap a brussel sprout in a marshmallow we'd all be vegetarians! So I am keeping my fingers crossed that it's good. If not we will have to settle for buttercream, which tastes divine (and will be under the fondant anyway) but you can never get it completely smooth...So all the layers are done except one and they are heading for the freezer.

Ok I have probably rambled on about a lot of shit that nobody gives a damn about today, but hey, what I can I say. The life of a Domestic Goddess is occasionally mundane!