Friday, March 28, 2008

Religious Insomnia Ramblings

I can't sleep tonight, so yes once again I am talking to myself. I just finished watching the new Elizabeth movie...can't remember the exact title but it was very good. I have a passion for Elizabethan and Victorian era stories, true or fiction. And not the Harlequin Romance kind of crap...give me Jane Austen any day. But back to the movie...

It amazes me how society never really changes. Never. We make progress in industry, we make progress in education, we make progress in science. But in every 'civilized' society that has ever existed we war in the name of our chosen God. All we have heard in the last 7 years are about the radical Muslim sects, out to destroy our heathen country. Well, they believe they are acting in the name of God. They believe this is what God has asked of them. Sounds ridiculous huh? Just about as ridiculous as the Catholic religion slaughtering millions since it's inception in the name of God. I am a Catholic. I have chosen this religion for the sake of my family. And I find great comfort in many of it's rituals and traditions. My spirituality on the other hand is certainly a home spun brand all it's own. And when I look back on the sins of my own faith....sins that they have since had to account and apologize for...I think, "who are we to judge?" In the 2000 years since Jesus Christ died, the Catholic church has been responsible for the assassination of leaders, slaughter of communities and torture of civilians who refused to bow to their particular brand of "God". The burning of free thinking women, burned alive at the stake for all the world to see, in the name of heresy....all in the name of God.

Has the human race really progressed at all? If we must war, why can't we war like the tribes in the Amazon, for food, for land, for survival. Oh wait, we've already taken everybody's land and sucked up everybody's resources....I forgot. Nope, can't war over that.

If you see the movie, you will see why this sparked my these thoughts.....but how can Christians, especially Catholics, really point fingers at these 'crazy Muslims', when we once were thirsty for blood in the name of Christ. I am certainly NOT condoning their behavior. It's ridiculous and ludicrous....but it's not a new phenomenon by any means. How quickly forget the sins of our forefathers.