Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Screwed Blued and Tattooed....yup that's me...

My knees look like I have been giving $20 favors in the redlight district, and my back feels like I have been cramped in the backseat of Geo Metro like a working girl on a good night....LOL! Fortunately (or not, depending on how much money I would have made ;0) the reason is quite innocent. I have been doing manly work! Our front porch has been a work in progress, with the original carpenter crew doing minimal work and we having the intent to finish it ourselves...last year. Now we are into spring and the boards, which are only screwed down in a few places, are starting to warp. God Bless Him, my husband hasn't gotten it done this winter, and with farming season in full tilt, he has no time right now. So I offered to finish the job.....:0)

You should have seen the look on his face when I first suggested this....Oh my...I thought he was gonna laugh at me, but the look on my face probably warned him that he might regret it. But in his defense I have a long history of being overconfident. I am not afraid to try anything, and I am always convinced I will succeed...and usually I do dang it! But he has witnessed a few disasters in our 10 years together and I am sure he was picturing coming home to a huge hole in the middle of the floor or worse yet, the entire structure to have fallen away from the house! Ok maybe I am exaggerating, it only needs the floor boards screwed down tightly. But after much reasoning, he had to agree that if it was left up to him it wasn't going to get done. I am home everyday and it is something I can work on while the kids are playing outside. So I got the green light!!! This was BIG, as I am not really even allowed in the manly domain that is my husband's territory...I don't mow, weed eat or run the tiller. These are his main 'household' chores. (notice they are seasonal, yet my chores are year round and 24/7...there's something wrong with this picture!)

I have to say I am quite proud of myself, things are going very very well! In fact I got a lot accomplished today and had to recharge the power drill 3 just couldn't keep up with me...that's just the kind of kick ass carpenter that I am! We won't mention how much battery juice I wasted unscrewing the screws I screwed up...LOL! But I feel pretty proud of myself. My body on the other hand....mmmm...she's not so happy. My knees aren't quite working properly and my back is telling me mean and nasty things like "You should have stayed in the kitchen where you belong!" or even better "You should have lost about 30 pounds before you volunteered for this job!" but I told her to piss off and I just keep screwin'!

Here is a pic of my front porch, just to give you an idea of what kind of job I have undertaken...

Now this pic was taken early in the construction phase, there are now steps up to the second level and it looks much prettier with all my antique chairs and flower pots...but it is 76' long and 8' wide and every single one of those deck boards on the floor needs at least 5 screws! So I am officially A STUD!!!!!!!!!!!

But my knees are blue, cause I screwed to much today, and unlike the girls in the redlight district I didn't make a dime! Ha! Oh, and I am tattooed...hence the title. I just thought it was funny. I wonder how many blog search hits I will get for fella's looking for dirty girls! LMAO!

Surprise Boys!! I'm long and strong and mean with a power drill! Don't mess with big mama...especially tonight cause she is sore and grouchy!!!


Shannon said...

Good for you for even WANTING to do a project like that. I usually help with manly projects, but never take them on myself! BTW...knee pads work well for all kinds of knee jobs. hehehe!

Mum-me said...

How funny - I was nearly falling off the chair laughing.

I admire a woman with a power drill, but I don't envy you the work.