Monday, May 19, 2008

True Love and Good Team mates

So I was feeling all sad and blue today and even shedding a few tears thinking that this was going to be bad week to be me...Hubby and I had had a talk last night and it felt to me as if we had gotten nowhere...I felt like my comments had fallen on deaf ears. He went to bed silent and I went to bed feeling rejected.

But this evening when he got home from work he told me he had thought about our conversation all day, and we worked talked about some solutions to our disconnection.

That is true love. Having a man who is willing to and wants to work on the relationship. Not just 'wait till she gets over it'. There is a reason we belong together. We work. It works. We are a good team.

All you singletons out there...never settle for less than a good team mate. That means so much more than all the other stuff. Cause the game of life gets pretty bloody sometimes. Having a strong team gets you through.


Shannon said...

I'm glad you two are working it out. I think many married couples with young ones feel that disconnection. I know we do - more often than not.

3rd... said...

Your husband sounds like a good man.. and I am very happy you have sorted things out. Life is so beautiful in such moments isn't it? hugss