Thursday, May 1, 2008

Big Pimpin'...WARNING~ foul language, explicit content!

So the D.C. Madam is dead....who smells another Marylin?! She's had a lot of government paunch in her to speak...and you can't help but wonder why a hustler extroidinaire like her would throw in the towel! I mean once a hustler always a hustler right? Speaking as someone who is midly adept at the art of hustling, doing what needs to be done to survive. Not that I had ever resorted to prostitution, but so what if I had? Some people do what they have to do to stay alive...and I am a surviver. SO WAS SHE!! I just know it my bones that woman was murdered to shut her the F-UP! As a fellow survivor - there's nothing in this world that would get me under the ground until the day God tells me to "shut the hell up and come get your wings already, ya loudmouth!" I always have a plan, I can always figure a way out of whatever pickle I am in, and I can always see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And she wasn't just any kind of Madam....Oh No, she catered to the Kings of the hill, the suits, the lawmakers, the ones condemning the little people for our filthy little crimes and afterwards are porkin' Mustang Sally in the Penthouse at the Ritz for $5000 an hour. Why the hell aren't any of them being prosecuted? Why is it only a crime to be a prostitute and not fuck one? If I wanted to go out and shake my money maker (all $20 worth of it ;0) why isn't that my right to do so? It's my body, it's my time, and believe you me these girls don't have to force themselves on anyone. You lay your shit out on the table somebody's gonna come along and lap it up! But who does the time if you get caught?! The girls do! How fucked up is that? She's not the one spending corporate money to get a blow-job! It's not her idea to rack up the credit account at the office with Cristal and cocaine and fuck herself silly for 5 hours....oh no....that's the man with the wiener!! She's just the area of deposit for the wiener juice! She names her price, he makes the juice.

And yes yes, it is a scourge on society, it breaks up families...blah blah blah. The guys who are fucking these girls are gonna find somebody to fuck whether they have to pay for it or not. It's not as if prostitutes are these mythic sirens, luring our honest and decent men into perversion....if they are hookin' up with a prostitute, they already got the pervert fever baby! And so what! I mean I sure as hell wouldn't want my husband doing it, I am not saying that. But the men that are doing this....are doing it anyway. Chances are if you find out your husband has been porkin' a hooker...he's been porkin' everything he could get his hands on...he just decided to get smart and find a no strings attached 'juice deposit machine'.

Ok that is entirely too gross LMAO, but I just couldn't resist. To me, in my mind it's like some kind of cartoon image. Juice Man 5000 ~ New and Improved!!

So back to the Madam, you can't tell me she just threw in the towel. Maybe, but I have serious doubts. And I bet this will get swept under the rug very rapidly thanks to our government controlled media. The FBI was all over this like stink on shit! They are handling it. Sure they are.......

In my very own, liberal, live and let live, redneck hippie, opinion, this woman didn't do anything wrong except run with the Big Dogs!! She should have stayed out of the beds of Capital Hill and it would have been smooth sailing....all the way to bank!

My apologies to my more classy (ie less redneck, foul mouth and shoot from the hip opinions-like me) readers. But I'm just callin' it like I see it ya'll!


Shannon said...

No need for an apology. That's what I love about your blog! You don't sugar coat anything. If people don't wan2 read it, well then, they don't have to, right!

Summed up into one sentence: MEN ARE PIGS!