Thursday, September 18, 2008

Impaling Palin

Can I just be completely un-liberated, anti-feminist, and chauvinistic for a moment? This thought has been bothering me about Sarah Palin. If you are such a wonderful mother, such a wonderful human being....why wouldn't you pass up the nomination for VP to take care of your 17 year old daughter, who is going to need your support and attention now more than any other time in her life? This is strictly my opinion but if my daughter were pregnant I would be completely focused on figuring out how to help and teach her how to be responsible for this child. As a candidate she is completely unavailable and unfocused on her family. As VP she would be the same. This bothers me. I understand ambition. I have plenty of my own. But if she was that awesome, the offer would have come around again sometime......wouldn't you think it would be better to focus on the problems you have in your own home?

I welcome a debate on this, what do ya'll think. I like her spunk, I disagree with her on almost every issue and I hate that she has flip flopped on so many things, but that's every politician. But this thought about her pregnant teenage daughter keeps popping in my head. Why would you abandon your family when they need you the most? Is power really that important? Even the thought at the chance of being the leader of the free world is not enough to make me toss my kids aside to further my career. Now think about this long and hard before you slam me. I am not saying she doesn't love her kids. But there is no way she is going to be around to help with that Bristol going to be left to learn about parenting with a Nanny and her Dad? As a mother myself, helping with life changing milestones are some of the things I look forward to (and also dread) the most.......Just my opinion, but I think she has made a bad call for her family, a choice fueled by being power hungry.


Dale said...

You make it sound as if the daughter is some knocked up 12 year old. She is a knocked up 17 year old that is soon to be married. Once she is married then she is the responsibility of her husband not her mother.

Some mothers don't know when to cut the apron strings.

It appears that Sarah Palin does know when to cut them.

Her daugher is no longer a child. She is a woman.

Liz said...

I disagree - at 17 she is not a woman. She won't be a woman until she is old enough to take care of herself - like her 18 or early 20s husband will truly be able to take care of her - he'll be as clueless as she is.

18 is not a magic number where people are suddenly responsible.

The Pastoral Princess said...

In my opinion the fact that she is about to be married at 17 is just another reason she is going to need her mother. Marriage is hard enough...let alone doing it as a child.

I think a daughter needs her mother around whether she is 17 or 30 when having her first some extent. Take it from someone who had kids at 27 and 29 with no would have been nice to have had the support. At 17 this girl is going to be clueless. It would be nice to at least have her mother available to hold her and reassure her when she screws up. Women need women and daughters need mothers, in my opinion, especially when it comes to motherhood.

The Pastoral Princess said...

Great debating by the way! I like this!

3rd... said...

I'm undecided on this one.. I do get your point princess, and I think it's the best thing to do in the end - to say no and focus on your family. That is where aour direct responsibilities lie.

But if I were in her shoes - and just for the record: I am an Obama supporter - I am not sure I would be able to pass up the opportunity. Just because its a one in a lifetime thing and you might be able to impact so many people in a positive way. Make a real difference.

On the other hand - you might make a true difference - life lasting real difference - by building up and supporting your family.

Hanieh said...

Pastoral Princess- I completely agree with you. No matter how great this "opportunity" is, the most important thing for her in her life is her children. Not only her eldest daughter, but her youngest baby. A baby who has Down Syndrome has many demands- how does she expect to meet those demands AND the demands of her other children AND the demands of the country? Call me sexist, but I would not be voicing these concerns if Palin was a man. A woman is the centerpiece of her household... a baby needs a mother, a daughter who is going through pregnancy and marriage at a VERY young age... needs her mother. It surprises me that more conservative, right winged, religious people are not condemning her, given their own values. It seems rather hypocritical to me that they are embracing her so much.