Saturday, September 6, 2008

Plain Old Fashioned Country Girl Braggin'

Ok I just have to show you my flowers....the ones that were successful anyway. I got a little carried away this spring....remember I told you I am notorious for not following through on my big projects (now I have an excuse....BPD :0) but I do have some on my porch that are just gorgeous and I want to show them off. I am sure many of you could care less...but I can't help it, I am gonna show ya anyway! LOL!

These are my midnight Gladiolas aren't they just heavenly!!! These pics were all taken before dawn so they are a bit dark.

I can't remember what this is called but I love it. It's some kind of Maple.

Once again, I can't remember the name but I love it!

Same plant in it's full pot with coleus and vinca that I am trailing down the banister, with seed begonias in the bucket at the bottom...I started those from seed all by myself :0)

My Dahlia's in an old 10 gallon crock that was my granny's

My tuberous Begonias...not a great pic, the flash was too bright, but they are gorgeous

And know those weeping pussy willow trees ya'll are paying $100 for a the local nursery, those gorgeous weeping miniature trees that look fabulous in your front yard??? I paid $15 for this little sapling that I am growing 3 years I will have one of those trees too and all it took was $15 and some TLC!

Ok enough bragging for the day. I got to get ready for work at the bank today.


Liz said...

I love your flowers! Flowers are one of my favorite things about summer and fall!

The Author said...

Your flowers are so beautiful. We're having frost here so the sight of your flowers still in bloom was wonderful.