Thursday, September 18, 2008

Would you buy this?? NEED FEEDBACK!

This is my new idea for my stitchery website....would you buy these? I am thinking of selling them for $10, and it's a gift that lasts because the 'gift bag' can be reused for decoration or as a useful item.

I need feedback folks, tell me the truth would ya!!! I have several styles, colors and phrases planned out, many that are not necessarily strictly holiday related. Would you buy this for you wife, mother, daughter, grandmama, friend, or other lady in your life? And is $10 a fair price. Larger bags may cost more. Some have full square bottoms, those may cost a bit more too, just because they are extra work. SPEAK UP PLEASE!


Bethany said...

I love it!! I think $10.00 is a great price! :) if you could get some beach themed ones going.....i think i need a vacation, lol! But I do love them J!

Anonymous said...

Before Icomment on the cost of the bag what are the deminsions?

The Pastoral Princess said...

This one is 7"x7" square, not including the handles. This one does not have the square bottom, that will cost more this one is just a straigh seam. It would make a nice peg hanger after the gift.

I was able to fit 4 bottles of Bath and Body Workds lotions and body sprays (2 each) in it. I will be making some larger and some smaller. Smaller bags will sell for $8. If you figure you pay $4-$5 for a nice paper bag...this seems like a good deal to me.