Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ok former 80's teens

Tell me the truth girls...with your frosted jeans and big bangs....secretly we all wanted to be Jesse's Girl didn't we? Hot boyfriend, whose best friend has the hots for us.

And know you wanted to be Jesse, making all the guys jealous with the babe on your arm!!!

The kids and I were dancing around the kitchen to this song earlier (with obligatory air guitar of course...and some towel swinging for grand effect) and I was having childhood flashbacks. God I love that song...even now! LOL! Funny how a simple song can change the whole day.


Shannon said...

Someday... when I get a scanner here at the house, I will share with you the biggest bangs you ever did see! MINE! I was SUCH an 80s girl... Rave hair spray and a blow dryer could definitely get ya the rooster look you were dying for! LOL! Thanks for the memory!

The Pastoral Princess said...

It was all about the Aqua Net hair spray here. I have naturally curly hair AND a big cowlick where my bangs should be....I could get that big hair thing going pretty easy....till I turned 14, shaved half of my head and became a punk rock chick! LOL!