Thursday, August 7, 2008

Belated Brithday Bash...ok not a Bash...but a MESS!

So I finally felt like celebrating my birthday today so the boys and I made my favorite cake this evening. Angel food with 7 minute small feat since I don't actually own a double boiler...but being the high tech redneck that I am I always figure out a way to fashion two pots together to make this tasty confection. Of course I add marshmallows to the frosting also...I mean can you really have too much sugar on a cake? I think not! This was the result. It was delightfully sinful!!

And then of course I let the boys dig into to what was left of the frosting....oh my Lord! (Please ignore the messy house and don't laugh at the 'day care rules' taped to the wall behind them...yes I put them in writing!)

Aren't my little devils just adorable?


The Flying Circus Mom said...

Your Boys are so cute!!!!

Shannon said...

2 CUTE! I love that you have them help AND lick the beaters! That was always my favorite part of grandma baking... especially oatmeal cookies. mmmmm... she's coming to stay with me next month. I know what we'll be doing! Your boys are ADORABLE!!!!!

The DoorKeeper said...

Haha! that reminds me of some friends whose kids first 'solid' food was avocado in Africa where it was hot enough to mash up and spoon in and then hose down the kitchen afterwards