Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ramblings of a hypomanic vacation packer

So clearly my mania is kicking into high gear over this whole weekend vacation deal. All I really need to pack is a swimsuit and some underwear…or maybe just the swimsuit…but my brain is going 100 mph with the following random thoughts.

Have to pack my skillet…their cookware will surely be crappy
Baked Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes?
Find Hubby’s swimsuit
A jar of strawberry jam from the freezer
Make cinnamon rolls?
Make brownies?
Make a pie?
Buy cinnamon rolls even though mine taste better?
Buy brownies even though mine taste better?
Screw the pie, I’m fat enough….
Pillows! Must take my own pillows….
Get a raft to float on.
Find some books in my collection I haven’t read yet.

Maybe grab a few old standbys I can read over and over
Maybe Ya Ya's
What to do about the cat?
Steaks or Chops?
Shave legs
Maybe take that bottle of Cruzan we bought in St. Thomas 4 years ago and finally open it
Should I make some dipshit? (our favorite cheeseball recipe)
Are there enough veggies in the garden to take for salad?
Make some homemade bread?
Stop coming up with more things to bake!
Will my period be over by then?
Do I even have a sex drive anymore?
Maybe my meds are doing that….
Sex toys! (Oh sorry, probably way TMI!)
Do laundry and clean house before we go….
Take camera?
What if it rains?
Eggs….oh and bacon…
Mmm tomatoes….BLT ~ two meals taken care of! Yay!

Miracle whip...can't have BLT without Miracle Whip
Why am I a lunatic who has to plan everything down to the tiniest detail.

It’s less than a 48 hour vacation people!!!!! Why do I have to be such a FREAK about everything? This is only half the stuff going through my brain this afternoon. All I really need to do is toss some undies in a bag with a loaf of bread and some bologna and GO RELAX…but no…I have to be Martha Stewart about everything…geeez…I need a vacation! LOL!


The DoorKeeper said...

BLT with Miracle Whip??

Girl I'm starting to think you really are nuts LOL


Shannon said...

hehehe! I do this EVERY time I go ANYWHERE!!!!!! And I'm not on meds (besides bp meds)! What's my problem? Besides maybe a small case of undiagnosed OCD??

Anonymous said...

I do this full time! My brain is constantly racing on what I need to do and how much and when and why and if and don't forget and do it better. You're not crazy. That would make me crazy so I'm mostly sure......!!

The Flying Circus Mom said...

That is so me!!!! I do this all the time with everything, even simple everyday tasks like laundry...your not alone sister, we Bi polar crazy psycho bitches got to stick together LOL Hope you enjoy your mini vacation!

Older and Weiser said...

Okay, you are officially worse than my husband--I think. he packed WINTER CLOTHES for his emergency trip to Michigan--just in case they had a freak cold snap in the middle of August.....hey, it could happen, right?

Lol. Enjoy your getaway, p.p.

~D (of ES, Dee and Bud)

Anonymous said...

My husband & I do a lot of camping. I play this same game with myself almost every time we go. I've often thought it would be nice to throw a couple of things in a bag & a few things in the cooler & walk out the door...CAN"T DO IT! I have found that making a list as ideas come to me makes it less stressful...don't have to keep going over that list in my head. Hope you & your husband had a wonderful weekend! Hang in there!