Thursday, August 7, 2008

Picture Parade

Well I didn't come up with anything fascinating to write about because I spent all day looking at gay porn. Ha! I'm joking...kinda....anyway I have been meaning to post a few pics to my blog that are just adorable or hilarious or both. So instead of getting on my soap box about anything or bitching and moaning about my health, I'm gonna post pics! I think I can only do so many per post so this may be split into two we'll see....first off I want to show you all what happens when you let your two you year old dress himself...which I do on a regular basis of course! I fully believe in freedom of long as we are not leaving the house

Here we have the latest fashion trend in rural America...John Deere socks, dirty white t-shirt and a crocheted cap!

Then of course there is the ultimate in fishing fashion....hat, pajama top, shorts and gum boots!

And then who can resist a little boy and his best friend. Our kitty is growing so fast! River is in love!


Shannon said...

I just love to see what my lil' guy comes up with when he dresses himself! These pics are to die for! Love the picture of your son and his cat! So sweet!