Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Very Good Day Indeed

Well I think I may have discovered the secret to combining my meds at the right time of the day to prevent the zombie effects. Remember the pharmaceutical phreak out day? Yeah...well the proper dose of my antidepressants make me feel like I have shot a speed ball into my veins and the proper dose of my BP meds make me feel like I have just been given pre-operative anesthesia....I had stopped taking the high dose of the antidepressant because I could NOT handle the 'speed' effects. And I have been struggling with finding the right time of day to take the BP meds because I am so damn sleepy...which was resulting in NOT taking them at the proper time each day. Soooooo I took a chance yesterday and just took both drugs, two pills of each (my current prescribed dose) *gulp* and hoped for the best. I was hoping that perhaps the two side effects would cancel each other worked! Actually I probably had just enough of the 'upper' effect to become the Energizer Bunny for the day. My house is clean clean clean, I did 6 loads of laundry, 4 of which got hung outside, AND I folded and put them all away (I have a bad habit of leaving baskets full of clean laundry unattended).....All 4 beds got clean linens, all the bills got paid (a few of them a bit late....) all the bathrooms scrubbed, dishes done, and my neighbor stopped in with a gallon of blackberries, so I made two blackberry cobblers too.....hubby took the boys to grandma's to deliver one to them in the evening, and I got to spend two hours the bathtub, watching soap operas! :0)~

It was a great day. A very low stress day, despite all the activity. I think having the older kids back at school was the real magic pill.

Today I have a baby coming, and we are all excited. He is a friend's little boy and they needed a back up sitter today. The only plans on the agenda today are to play play play! Babies and toddlers are my comfort zone as far as kids go. I worked for several years as an Assistant Director for a daycare facility in town and I had the infant room. 4 babies all day...most people thought I was nuts...I loved it. It was a dream job (except for the pay)...and the best birth control on the planet!!! :0)~

Ok so I am still grounded so any of you that have sent me e-mails, for some reason my connection is balking at that more than it is at being on leave me a message here if it is urgent. Thanks again for all the support ya'll! And I promise I will catch up on all your blogs as soon as I get 'ungrounded'...I am having Blog Withdrawal. I wonder if they make a pill for that too? LOL!!


The Flying Circus Mom said...

I so leave laundry hanging out in baskets too...and I love babies and toddlers, people think I am crazy because I only want to work with the little ones...but working with the older kids makes me crazy...

Anonymous said...

How lovely a morning it is, indeed. I have been just catching up on a couple of things and am going to spend the rest of my morning reading a book and maybe even take a nap. Having the kids in school is keeping me very grounded. Even though the school secretary had to pry my youngest one off my leg this morning. Poor thing. Kindergarten is tough. Have a great day sweetie.

Shannon said...

Great to hear you so perky! How did the baby/toddler day go?