Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well it seems I have been busted! LOL! Turns out several local folks have discovered my blog...Howdy guys!! It's actually not a bad thing at all, there have been compliments actually, but I better stop talking about my mother in law when I get mad at her! That could be trouble!! Which is a bit of a condundrum because I started this blog so I could feel free to talk about anything. Maybe we can come up with some secret code language...LOL

Well this is my last week with all the school kids and I can't say I am disappointed. This is the first week of having them back since my diagnosis. Let's just say it's very clear to me now that stress is the leading agitator for flare ups! I was very irritable yesterday, and of course they were very rowdy, being back for the first time in two weeks. It was not a good day for me.

Today I have a PLAN. We are headed to Red Hill State Park for the day. I am packing a picnic and a cooler full of bottled water and we are going to go spend the day in the wild! They are excited and so am I. I wanted to do something special for the school kids before they left anyway and this looks like it will be it. I'll bet money there will still be moans and groans of boredom and fussing and fighting amongst them once the excitement wears off when we get there.....uggghhhh I have so much more patience for pre-schoolers and babies. Which is odd, most people are the opposite.

On a bitter sweet note, my special needs child "Johnny" had his last day yesterday. He has started a program that allows him to have a caregiver at home, which saves the parents a lot of money. On one hand it relieves some of the stress on me, as he requires more attention than the rest of this kids (except perhaps my own ultra high strung 4 year old), but on the other hand I just love him to death. He is never lacking in affection and love.....there's not many children who just love you all the time, unconditionally, even when you are having to punish them...but Johnny would never withhold a hug or a kiss if it was offered or requested. He was my love bug! And having him was a great experience for the other kids. They learned so much about acceptance, tolerance, encouragement and respect from having him in their lives. I saw so many changes in my school age kids regarding their view of special needs people this summer. They have learned that he is capable and deserving of every opportunity and experience they are. He was a blessing to all of us. I am hoping he visits me often!!!


Shannon said...

I'm with you - babies, toddlers and pre-k kids are FABULOUS!!! I try and steer clear of those others as much as possible in my career! LOL! Have fun at the park!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo jealous! Red Hill State Park. I hope a good time was had by all. I get what you mean about the agitation levels. I seem to have problems with over stimulation. You know the t.v. is ridiculously loud, the washer's making sounds that resemble a locomotive and the children are playing cops (GET ON THE GROUND, GET ON THE GROUND!!!!) Whooooie!
Anyway sweetie, you're in the home stretch now.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you'll be having a great day!

I've tagged you BTW. Check out my blog for the deets.