Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blank Blogger

I am stuck in the house with a one sick child, running a high fever, and one healthy child running hog wild. I had to close the daycare for the week because the doctor informs me that this is a virus she is seeing a ton of right now, with the fever lasting 5 days (ugggh!)....I have free time to blog, finally time to write about all those little things that pop into my head at random moments, you know, those things that make you think "Oh I should blog about that..." or "Wouldn't that make a funny blog post...".

Of course I can't think of a damn thing right now....I am blank. It is my mission this morning to recover at least one of those things and blog about it today....wish me luck!


RdK said...

Thanks for the comment! I know those exact moments you are talking about. I have a streaming blog in my head at all times...haha.

3rd... said...

hi princess! I subscribed to ur posts and did not find the time to read in the last week, so now trying to catch up.
But I have exactly the same thing. Sometimes I wonder whether it healthy to think so often about whats interesting or not to blog about. Then when I sit and decide to write very little comes out.