Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Caught in the act!

Well Mama has had about all the fussin' fighting she could take this morning with all the kids! Fights over toys, computer time, books, imaginary play scenarios seems like if they don't have something to fight about today they go looking for it!!! I had just about enough this morning and did something I have never done before.....

I strapped on my iPod, cranked it up and started cleaning house. Everytime the kids came running to me tugging away at a toy that they were fighting over, I just smiled, giving them that teenage "I can't hear you..." look as I pointed to my headphones and rocked out to the sounds of Joan Jett and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I pretty much gave instructions that Miss J had heard enough of the fussin' and if they were going to kill each other there was only one blood on the carpet...they were going to have to figure out a non-messy way of slaughtering one another...yes I jest, don't get your kinckers in a wad!

Eventually they stopped coming to me, realizing that I was going to ignore them at all costs. Finally after about 5 minutes I noticed that I had not been bothered in a while. I hit the pause button to hear only quiet. I checked around and one child was on the computer, and 4 were playing house and one watching TV...just as happy as you please!!! So I turned my tunes back on and finished the dishes. I was about 2 verses into Van Halen's Hot for Teacher, and shakin' my booty all over the place when I took a pause to do a quick flamboyant spin with my air guitar when I saw them.....all of them...lined up in the kitchen, giggling as they watched me rock out at the sink.

Of course I just kept rocking the air guitar and started singing at the top of my lungs, cause I am cool like that! :^)~


3rd... said...


i'll remeber this one ..

Shannon said...

Ya know. I think it's good for kids to work things out on their own! I am just that kind of parent. A lot of the time I am right there with them, playing, reading, whatever, but when i'm not, I typically ignore all the tattling and whining and just let them figure it out! (unless, of course, there is blood - then I have to step in)!

Liz said...

Rock on!

Mrs. M said...

Great idea!