Monday, June 9, 2008

How High's the Water Mama?

Ten feet high and risin'
Johnny Cash

Well add insult to injury today, it is now raining and we are expected to get 2-3 inches this afternoon. The ground is so saturated that there is no way it can soak in and the river is going to once again burst at the seams, expanding even further than it already has. As I am writing this I can hear the rain pounding my windows. My weather radio is sounding alarm after alarm regarding severe thunderstorms and flash flooding. Fortunately for us we live in a higher elevation, but we have been flooded in here before, there is a creek running along our property that has swollen and trapped us on our hill. More worrisome is the cattle, which sometimes do not seem to have the good sense to get to higher ground or refuse to leave their babies behind who might be trapped. Retrieving them after the waters have subsided is a gruesome task.

My concern is with the families to the North of us. They have been hit so hard, this is going to hurt them badly. Very badly.


Shannon said...

I feel horrible. Please keep us updated as much as possible. Has the sand bagging gotten things a bit under control? I remember having a big flood here in the city when I was a little girl. They sandbagged the main road that was one block south of my family home. I remember people being very scared that we would all lose our homes. And I was so little. i cannot imagine the devastation it has caused for the farmers in your ocommunity!

Liz said...

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you.