Monday, June 23, 2008

National Lampoons Hickerbilly Vacation!!

Look out St. Louis! The Hicks' are Headed your way!!

Side Note: See around here the term Hillbilly seems very inappropriate for those of us living on flat land, or even mildly rolling hills. True Hillbillies live in the Blue Ridge of Kentucky, the Smoky Mountains and Appalachia. We can only aspire to be as truly redneck as a genuine Hillbilly....but we are definitely Hicks. It seems over the years we have adopted the term Hickerbilly...I suppose to somehow give us our own distinction, God forbid our brand of redneck be confused for somebody else's. LMAO!

The family is packing up this weekend and headed to the city for a two night vacation! This will be our first real vacation since the baby was a newborn...back then all he needed was a bag of diapers and a boob....but he's 2 now, I'm thinking there might be a little more planning required. I have no idea where to begin! We will be going to the Zoo and Grant's Farm and then maybe the Science Center or Magic House. I know we will also try to go to Union Station too, we will just see how much the kids are into the whole sight seeing thing and how much they want to do. This vacation is all about them, so I would say we will let them dictate the adventures.

I dread this in some ways because my husband, God love him, gets very anxious and crabby when he is out of his comfort zone. City life is not the life for him and he doesn't even enjoy a visit. And travelling with the kids is not his cup of tea either. He worries too much. We can be sitting in McDonald's and if the kids start to get ketchup on the table he gets jumpy and overreacts about the difficulties of going anywhere with kids. I on the other hand am much more laid back about such things. My take on those issues is....they are kids.....what do you expect? Grab a napkin and deal with it. I always pack an arsenal of preparedness in my bag, extra clothes, baby wipes, Kleenex, hand sanitizer and mini hand held shower. Ok joking on the last one, but you get the idea. I am prepared for everything! So I don't let much bother me.....hubby on the other hand is a worry wart. This should be fun. I hope it is for the kids' sake anyway. I am determined to keep my mouth shut about any issues irritating me, and try to make this a pleasant adventure for them. Considering how this weekend went, in the comfort of our own home, I think Momma's gonna need to take a booze cruise to Alaska for a few weeks if she survives this little vacation.

Any tips on what to pack for the kids?! I am tempted to just pack a suitcase of clothes and a suitcase of books and toys....but how much could we really need?


The Flying Circus Mom said...

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Mum-me said...

I always overpack for my children when we go away. But I am getting better at it as the years pass. For my son I would pack enough clothes plus a spare set (more spares for the 2 year old) plus some of his little toy cars, his favourite 'cuddly' and a few favourite books and paper/pencils. I usually find that being in a new place is exciting enough and the children don't always have time to play with toys anyway. Have fun! Good luck ignoring your husband's little irritating traits (it is SO hard to do!)