Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kids say the darndest things....

So Vacation Bible School has rolled around once again and the nearly 100 youngsters in our Parish are having a blast. I love teaching VBS! I love teaching period, someday I will finish my Bachelor's degree and get my teaching certificate. It is what I was born to do...after being a mother of course.

I teach the 6 year old class and I have heard some of the funniest things this week. Some were not so funny...more like shocking...One comment came about while I was going around the room asking the kids the way their parents showed them that they loved them (hugs, treats, storybooks, special trips etc....) one girl says very matter of factly "My mom's a drunk, but she still cares!!" Auuughhh! What was I supposed to say??? I know her parents, who are divorced and she lives with her dad and wonderful step-mom. I just said "Yes she cares VERY much!"...Good Lord I was not prepared for that one.

Another one that was just me the end of the night we were going to say goodnight to our newly made "Puppies" (made from socks I stuffed with rice and sewed shut, then glued on eyes and furry ears etc...the were wrapped in old baby blankets, the kids were in LOVE!) and I asked them what their Mom's and Dad's said to them each night before they went to bed? Of course I am expecting, "I love you," "Sleep tight," "Sweet Dreams" etc....the first thing I hear is someone yelling out "BE QUIET!!!"....I just died laughing! Yes I suppose most of us do have to say that on a nightly basis huh?

But the best one came from my own son, who is almost 4. He informed me that "Jesus is Uncle Frank!"....who is far from Jesus let me tell you...I died laughing thinking 'why would he think such a thing?' and then I remembered that all the images my son sees of Christ are of a man with long hair, and a beard, much like Uncle Frank! LMAO!!! Hubby and I just laughed and laughed!!! Someday the boy and I will have to sit down and I will inform him that the modern day versions of Christ are probably far from his accurate appearance anyway...but I guess that is a discussion that can wait a few years!


Shannon said...

Thanks for the laughs! I needed that! Someday, maybe I'll share a picture of my dad as a teenager. I still think he looked like Jesus!