Thursday, June 5, 2008

Phat Girls Unite

Ok, clearly I am not the only one wearing the fat suit....and Mum-me had a great question, do I still have my website? Well yes I do. It's been abandoned for 8 months, but the need for it has not gone away. I clearly need to learn to follow my own advice...easier said than done. But maybe together we can do it. My website The PHAT (Pretty Hot And Thick) Girls, was created as a motivation tool for many of us who decided to band together to get healthy. Skinny is not the goal...healthy is the goal, and learning to love ourselves as the fabulous women (and men) that we are. I have a section for anorexia as well, as I have a friend who suffers dearly from this disease, but she did not join. However if you have stumbled upon this blog and would like to join a group of people who are trying to learn to love themselves, just as we are, come on in. I have special sections just for you! The reasons we abuse our bodies are all the same, we just do it to the opposite extremes.

So here goes....and I will just apologize now for being a slacker extraordinaire...I may not be there everyday, but I will try!

UPDATE: If you tried the link earlier today it was is now up and running try this link

You will have to create an account and send a request to join as it is private to weed out the trolls, but it's simple, fast and free. I suggest you start with the Daily Affirmations, that is where I am starting. I need some inspiration right now, and I know I could learn a lot from my own advice and thoughts back then....maybe together we can all create healthier versions of ourselves. Mentally and Physically. Feel free to pass the site along to your friends, it is open to everyone.

If you want to join the weekly weigh in you will have to send me a PM on the message board. This is a sensitive issue for many...having to admit - the number - so I have it password protected for serious members only!


Mum-me said...

This is a great idea PP! I've registered. Like you, I may not be able to log in every day! But I will try.

The Pastoral Princess said...

Come on over Mum-me!!! We'll try to do this together!