Sunday, June 22, 2008

Untitled Blues

A poem poured out of me this evening that I felt like sharing. Mostly because I know there are partners all across the world feeling these same feelings tonight. This poem probably make things sound bleak...but sometimes that is how it feels. The road to hell is paved with good intentions....and while it's not always hell, somedays it is. I will stay. I will work it out. I will find a way to keep life together, but sometimes the sweat that pours off your brow from the labor of love that is "till death do us part", runs into your eyes and burns. It blurs your vision and causes tears. It hurts.

This poem currently has no title...any ideas?

Warning: Construction Ahead
Reduce speed to avoid damage to self and spirit

The road you are traveling on,
The destination you are intending,
The journey you expected
Is ending.

The map is wrong,
The compass has broken
The engine is stalling
The toll charge is a painful token.

I will travel on.
I will not give up.
Eyes straight ahead….
Ignore the Off Ramp.

Can we write our own map?
Will a star lead us North?
Can we jump start it again?
Am I destined to idle.

Cold and rusted
Along side the road.
Strapped inside, refusing to admit,
Refusing to go.

The passengers inside
Didn’t ask for this ride.
We must journey on.

© J. Stark


BoufMom9 said...

OH! I am so sorry you are feeling so lost and broken.
It was a beutifully written poem and I think it needs to be you to give it a title.
Much like the words poured from your heart, the title needs to too.

Shannon said...

I agree with boufmom9, you will think of a brilliant title! I really love the poem!

eimajnme said...

My suggestion for the title would be "Vacation". It sounds cheerier than the poem but much like any normal vacation, relationships have the good and the bad--There's the carsickness and the puke in the floorboard, the missing luggage and the tampons you forgot to pack right when you need them--So goes the relationship. You will look back and be thankful for the experiences even though it was not always pleasant.