Monday, June 30, 2008

More of the Best of the Worst

So a myriad of small disasters occurred on our vacation of vacation would be complete without them right? There are no pictures of us at the St. Louis Zoo because I left the camera out in the car. Uggh! But I was not trekking all the way back through the zoo and the parking lot to get it. Although we almost did have to trek back to the car because I forgot diapers!! What kind of baby mama forgets the diapers??!!! (apparently ME!) LOL! My husband was fit to be tied and on the verge of his own little temper tantrum when I told him to just zip it, I can handle this! We were in the food court and I knew there would be some kind soul who would donate a diaper to my desperate cause. Sure enough the first person I asked had the exact size and was more than helpful. I offered to pay for her lunch but she refused. I am sure she had been in my shoes before!! So one crisis averted!

My gorgeous handmade corduroy purse, which was packed full of drinks, snacks, wipes, extra clothes and basically everything but the kitchen sink (and a camera...or diapers :0) BROKE! One strap broke, which made for an interesting study in logistics every time I tried to attach it to a stroller or carry it around.

There were no naps on Friday afternoon....which made for a rough evening. We were naive enough to think we could tempt fate and eat at Landry's Seafood House, which is awesome, expensive, and was only took me 1.5 minutes to wolf down a platter of finely broiled seafood with a screaming 2 year old in my lap....

Finally we get to bed...our first night in the hotel. It only took about an hour....yes an hour... to get the boys to sleep. Bed jumping, fart noises, songs, giggles, cries, thirst, potty trips etc....all preceded the eventual visit of the sandman. I slept with the 2 year old, which basically means I didn't sleep. He found his most comfortable position...which was positioned horizontally across all the pillows...leaving me curled in the fetal position at an awkward angle, desperately trying to catch some zzzzz's.

But by far the best of the worst is that my monthly visitor showed up!! Do you think it even crossed my mind to prepare for that??? Hell no! So a hotel staff member came to my rescue until I could get to a local drug store.....Oh the drama!!!


Shannon said...

OH NO! That's the worst! Happens to me every time!!!