Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nosepicking Nonsense

I was filling out one of those MySpace surveys they other day, you know the ones that let you be completely narcissistic and juvenile for 10 minutes and reveal all the silly unimportant aspects about your life....This one wasn't too bad, I would venture to guess that it was written by a grown up and not an 8th grader. One of the questions was:

If someone were to produce a Broadway Musical based on your life, what would it be called? My answer - Nosepicking Nonsense.

It was an answer that just popped into my head, but certainly seemed to be appropriate, especially now with this crappy cold I have. Have you ever had a scab in your nose that you couldn't leave alone? know that kind that pull at the skin of your nose every time you move your mouth. The kind that brings tears to your eyes if you bump your nose the wrong way. The kind that compels you to dig your fingernail into the membranes of you nasal passage in order to rip it off, causing that horrible painful sensation that ultimately results in 10 minutes of relief and a few seconds of bleeding until the scab reforms and once again you are walking around with your finger in your nose....

This is what I look like today.