Thursday, June 12, 2008

Damn It all to Heck!

Didn't my last post say I was sick and tired....yeah...well now I am literally sick and tired. What started out as a mild allergy attack has rapidly evolved into a summer cold, complete with hacking cough, aching body and throbbing head!!! A visit to the Strawberry Patch resulted in 24 pints of jam and an allergy attack!! I hate it when this happens. I am rarely ever sick, and frankly I don' t have time to be!! Ever! But especially this weekend. I was supposed to waitress tomorrow night, but have found a replacement (thanks A!), work at the Bank Saturday morning, cook at the tavern Saturday night and then Sunday will be spent preparing for Vacation Bible School, which is one of my favorite summertime activities! I always teach the Kindergarten class...they are my favorite. That is just the perfect age! Old enough to understand, still innocent enough to be amazed. Everything I do is great to them! I just love it. Now I fear I will be hacking all over them and too miserable to enjoy it!!! Oh and I have a church meeting tonight too regarding a different activitiy I am involved in. I am too busy to be sick damn it!! Lord I am such a foul mouthed church lady.....:0)


Dee said...

I'm sorry your sick...How well I remember the days of trying to catch my own tail. "Big hearts make for full plates" as my not so sainted grand mother would say. Took me years to figure out what she was talking about. I can't isn't a 4 lettered word. Take care of the