Friday, June 20, 2008

Blog Operas

Some people have TV shows that they look forward to every week, or even every day. They follow the lives of their favorite characters and hope to see certain story lines develop in one direction or another. Since I have small children it's damn near impossible for me to watch TV. I miss it sometimes, but other times I am so busy it doesn't really matter. I have a hard time sitting for an entire 30 minute program anyway. But thanks to the DVR I intentionally pause a show, go do something else for about 15 minutes and then come back to it...this way I can fast forward through all the commercials. (Yeah I definately have ADD ~ LOL!) Before the days of DVR I was a chronic channel flipper. The buttons on my remote were always worn bare. I can not sit and watch a commercial. The downside to be a channel flipper is I would almost always forget what I was originally watching and then miss out on the end of something....ok another ADD sign ya think :0)~

My point is, now that I never have access to the TV anyway, BLOGS have become my drama of choice. I find myself looking forward to new posts everyday and wondering what my favorite characters are up to. I will be laying in bed thinking:

"I wonder if Shannon has come back from her Dad's yet and I wonder if her husband did any laundry?"

"I wonder how the new baby is doing on the Distelfink Farm?"

"What is a piecake anyway? I wonder if Dee and ES will post the recipe?"

"I wonder if 3rd Lady wants to have children?"

"How in the heck do the Bouffard's raise 9 kids and still have any sanity when I am crazy just raising 2?"

"Wouldn't it be awesome to live on an island like Liz in Michigan, and did I win any tulips?"

"Mum-me does such a great job remembering all those funny conversations she has with her kids...I need to write more stuff down!"

"Who is Mr. X anyway and who is his publisher?"

On on and on it goes. Ya'll are my entertainment and inspiration these days! And everyday as soon as I have a free moment I tune in to see the latest developments! Who would have thought 15 years ago when I couldn't miss an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 that today my sole form of entertainment would be real people, no scripts, no plots, just real people living real lives....I love it!


Dee and Elijah Sue said...

Ok I'm busted..I'm getting hook to the blog operas also. I read them almost every day. My biggest problem is that I'm a LINK JUNKY so sometimes I get lost and never get back to respond to the Blog entries that I want to.

Heck I thought we posted the recpie to Piecake..if not we will.

Shannon said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO with you!!!! I get very disappointed when certain people - especially you - don't have anything new on their blogs! I thought I was the only one! Thanks for mentioning me, and YES - I'm BA-ACK, again!

Mum-me said...

I am the same, and I get a bit frustrated when my mummy responsibilities leave me no time to catch up with my favourite blogs.

I like your new colours - I found the black quite difficult to read sometimes (like those times I should have been sleeping but just had to see what everyone was up to!)

*C* said...

I also like your new look.
Blogs (and blogging, too) is new to me. But it's amazing how quikly I've added to my list of must-reads. Every morning I log on and check my email (and publish my comments) and then I check about four different blogs. The list is getting bigger. I get lost down the rabbit hols of links on everyone's blog rolls.

Years ago, I had a livejournal, but this is much more fun.

3rd... said...

haha... i never thought about it this way, but you are so right
btw someone today asked me when I was planning on having kids and now I read ur post lol

the new blog look is great!!