Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Dream Interpretation

So the crazy ass dream....I had some ideas when I first woke up this morning as to what some of it might have been about. Perhaps watching the E True Hollywood Story about Jenna Jameson put me in a randy sort of mood before I went to sleep. I mean, a two hour show about the most famous porn star on the planet is bound to include lots of sex talk and soft core scenes. So despite all my belly aching apparently my hormones got juiced up.

So Axl Rose?? (I just realized I was spelling that wrong) When Guns N Roses first hit the scene I was all hot and bothered for Duff actually, not Axl, but they both have that skinny, lanky, sweaty dirty boy look to them and that rock and roll swagger that made my little heart go pitter does Scott Weiland. In fact when I saw Velvet Revolver in concert I thought I just might loose all control of my senses and crawl up on stage and lick the sweat right off of Duff as he stood about 10 ft away from me, without a shirt on, sweat dripping onto his guitar and down his black leather pants, his hair stringy and wet, he's lucky I couldn't get through the crowd, and yes, my husband was standing right there beside me...laughing his ass off!....... (Yes I was under the influence and feeling quite wild and free :0)

Oh my...ok anyway back to reality. I am going to guess my subconscious pulled out these dirty little boys from my younger days for this twisted wet dream. I always did have a thing for the bad boys. In fact the badder the better there for a while. If you had an arrest record, and looked remotely like Jud Nelson from The Breakfast Club, I was in hot pursuit! And let's just say I blossomed at a very very early age in the lady lumps I rarely had trouble getting their attention. One of my high school boyfriends got hauled off school grounds in handcuffs once, while the whole school watched! (he didn't kill anybody, he just mooned the grade school recess crowd! LOL!) Even the man I married used to be a rough and gruff long haired biker boy, but turned out to be a big old teddy bear. But I digress....

The hotel, and concert scenario... Hubby and I had tickets to go see Van Halen that kept getting postponed (Eddie can't seem to stay out of rehab) so we finally got a refund and booked a hotel room for a mini vacation with the kids in a few months.... I am guessing that explains that.

The sister wives??? That's a funny one. Big Love on HBO is one of my favorite shows and I often find myself pondering the idea of polygamy....could I really handle it? I could certainly handle the extra help around here, and a grown up to talk to during the day....all I would be sacrificing would be intimacy with my husband right?? I mean if the sister wife was like my best friend anyway, and all I had to do was turn my head while she humped my husband.... Hmmm....nope probably couldn't do it, but on more than one occasion I have told my hubby I need a wife...LOL! Or a maid!

The poetry sharing with Axl is self explanatory, I have had a huge creative burst lately. And I think giving his diary back had to do with someone mentioning how personal my blog is. And it is, I am very open about my life. Perhaps in my dream I was second guessing my tendency to be so free with my thoughts and feelings. But don't worry...I have not intention of censoring myself

Anna Nicole Smith....?? I am guessing I can identify with her white trashiness...and both of us have never felt the need to apologize for it. If I had become famous and glamorous...I would have been a trashy famous and glamorous celebrity. No way around it. Maybe my brain figured I wouldn't be sitting around sluggin' whiskey from a bottle with Jenna Jameson, but could definitely picture getting sloshed with Anna Nicole...and then screwing her boyfriend LOL! And as for the cigarette runs, I am trying to quit...I am certain that is why that was a reoccurring theme.

Now the sex...well duh! Who doesn't like that, and thank God it changed from Tattoo Ray to Scott Weiland...that is a much yummier scenario! If he comes back to 'visit' tonight I hope Anna Nicole gets help up in traffic or something...we were just getting to the wild and crazy, tear your skin to shreds, dirty boy kinda action!!! Sssshhh don't tell my hubby!

So if anybody really cares...I think that explains my crazy ass dream!


Shannon said...

It sounds like we have a lot in common! I always went for the bad boys in my day, too!