Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Radioactive Ramblings

First off, you know you feel bad when you have to tell your Grandma to "Slow Down!" while you are trying to walk through the hospital! But my Grandma was kind enough to be my chauffer yesterday and we had a lovely chat all the way up. It’s been a long time since I have been able to chat with her without kids in tow. So after lots of gossip and religious discussions (gotta get our sinnin’ out of the way before we start talkin’ ’bout the Good Lord in Heaven) we arrived for my CT scan.

I was very pleased with the speed in which I was checked in, and I knew the drill when it came time to gown up, one on backwards, one on forwards....see this is so your ass doesn’t hang out while you are walking around. Now, normally (with childbirth etc..) I have gotten a pair of little footie socks, but apparently for this they allow you to leave your socks and shoes on. So you can imagine the scene, about five us, shuffling along in our little gowns, convinced our ass is hanging out, despite the doubled security measures.....with our various styles of footwear. Me of course in comfy ole slip on mule sneakers (Had I known I would have worn my fabulous 30 year old cowboy boots...they would have looked marvelous with my gowns!) I found myself chuckling at the various ’grandma shoes’ ’black sock/dress shoe combo’ for the men and the occasional ’high heels’....

Anyway, I drink the kool-aid, and I swear Jim Jones was involved. It tasted horrible! Not like the yummy stuff I had drank here at home earlier today. I was convinced any moment I would keel over from cyanide poisoning with Jim Jones’s voice blaring over a loud speaker somewhere.

After I got to go back and wait for my turn in the big machine I ended up sitting next to man who looked soooo familiar, but I just couldn’t place him. Me being the blabber mouth that I am started up a conversation. (two people, preparing for potentially bad news from the big scary machine in our gowns and shoes....felt a little like the "Forrest Gump" bench~me being Forrest of course...) Turns out he was from my hometown and I used to babysit his daughter....who is now in college, so I am officially an old lady!! We had a nice chat before it was his turn, then my turn.

No news yet, I am told it will probably be Wednesday, maybe even doesn’t that just suck?! But they scanned and scanned while thoughts of radioactive exposure ran through my head....they check you for cancer with machines that use cancer causing materials...ironic isn’t it? And they filled my IV with that contrast stuff that makes you feel like you peed your pants...I’ve been down that road before...the first time I actually MADE THEM CHECK!
Now that it is done, I have to be honest and say I almost just don’t want to know.....but when I know, you’ll know!


ShannonEspinoza said...

I'll pray for good news!

The Pastoral Princess said...

Thank you so much!!!