Friday, April 25, 2008

Raising Toddlers and Big Babies....

Well my husband informed me that last night he was just being a "Big Baby" (his words...not mine!) and that I should continue with my weekend job for as long as I enjoy doing it. I was not surprised really, this happens a lot. I think the simple fact is this, Raising toddlers is rough, and we both occasionally just need the opportunity to bitch and moan about it. Our discussion last night opened us up to a more honest discussion about why I need some time away, and if I can make money in the process YAY! I suppose once he had a night to sleep on it he concluded that I was right.

If only men would just engrain that into their heads. My wife is always right....LOL! Just kidding fellas! But you gotta admit...we usually are!

I ended up having no daycare kids until after school today so I packed up the kids and went to town to do the Wal-Mart gig and visit the park. I was very proud of myself to have exited Wal-Mart without spending more than $100....$74 to be exact! That never seems to happen anymore. Not since we had kids at least. I was proud of myself.

The kids had a blast at the park, and I found and ingenious way to fit in a workout! (Not that Big Mama was looking for a workout...uggh) Take your toddlers to the 'skate park'. I didn't even know there was one, this must be a new addition, but it was right next to the playground so we ventured over there when we got bored with sliding, swinging and climbing monkey bars. Chasing my toddlers up and down the steps and helping them scale the ramps up and down was quite an aerobic feat!! I have a feeling my butt is gonna be talkin' to me tomorrow, and not in the Charmin kinda way....sorry that was completely uncalled for. What can I say, I am raising two boys, potty humor is par for the course!

I found myself reminded of a topic I felt compelled to write about as I was driving home from our adventure today, trying to pacify everyone in the car for the 20 minute ride home. Stay tuned for The Adventures of DUI...Mommy Style.


Jessica said...

Wow! How did you manage to leave Walmart so unscathed? I've got to know the secret to surviving that store...