Tuesday, April 22, 2008

FLDS Babies have a right to breastmilk!

This is an issue very close to my heart and I am passing this along to anyone who might be able to help. I wish there was some way I could help! If I lived closer I would love to get involved with this, but from here I suppose financial support is the only help I can lend.

Right to Breastmilk
I am saddened to say that many Texan breastfeeding mothers may be separated from their nursing infants immediately, if not already. (see, "FLDS consider options to keep their children"). While we may not agree or understand the circumstances, I think we need to fight for the right of the children to have the best care and nutrition, which includes breast milk. I am seeking collaboration from breastfeeding advocates, nursing mothers, the media, and anyone whom is able to help support this initiative or provide breastfeeding and breast pumping supplies that these mothers and babies may need. Please help us advocate and educate those involved in the FLDS case, that breast milk has no substitute and is the right of the children.
I have just created this site to help the support efforts, so bear with me as I gather content. Email with ideas, articles, links, and suggestions.Please spread the word and forward this site.Thank you• NICOLE D. HOFF, BACLC, CD(CBI), CCE DIP CBE(CBI)
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Nicole Hoff said...

thank you. Please link to the site.

The Pastoral Princess said...

Thanks! I have added the link, I meant to but forgot!