Monday, April 7, 2008

The Priestly Blogger...Halleluiah!

My hubby happened to be walking by while I was blogging the other day...a concept he just cannot understand...why would I write about my life online for people I don't even know. Anyhoo He happened to catch the title of my blog...the definition of "Pastoral" being completely lost on my redneck husband he says,

"What are you some kind of Priestly Blogger?" I think he took a little offense when I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. I gave him this definition from Encarta

pas·tor·al adj 1. rural: relating to the countryside or to rural life pastoral living 2. arts idealizing rural life: presenting an idealized image of rural life and nature pastoral poetry

However, I had to eat a little crow when this was the third option:
3. of clergy: relating to religious ministers or priests or their duties

Which, if you think of it in the first two terms, a priest or pastor does Shepard a flock, much like I Shepard and tend to my family....

I contemplated changing the name of my blog for a while....but my intention for this blog was to discuss my rural life, and to especially present my poetry, which is often pastoral in content.... I am still uncertain as to how often the name of my blog is misinterpreted by others, much like my husband did.


Shannon said...

I doubt that a pastoral person in the clergy sense would be as open and honest about life as you are! :) Keep up the awesome writing. I love reading your blog!