Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hurry up and wait!

I am an impatient person. I talk too fast, walk too fast, eat too fast, drink too fast and drive too fast. Not to say that I am a Type A personality by any means. I am fairly laid back for the most part. I don't get too worked up about things, I don't worry a's just that if I am gonna do something, I'm gonna get it done...quickly.

Waiting for these test results is driving me bonkers! I can't stand it! And I have increasing pain, that I don't know if I am imagining, or if it is real. I feel so insane about this whole thing lately that I fear my brain is tricking me and if I go to the ER they are going to tell me I am nuts.

My husband is worrying himself sick, which makes me feel guilty.....why do women feel guilty about everything? Or maybe it's the human population in general...but it sure seems like women like to take all the responsibility for everyone else's happiness. I find myself apologizing frequently for this circumstance of which I have no control. He keeps telling me to stop saying that....but everytime he has that worried, frustrated, stressed out look, I feel the need to apologize.

I hope I get some news in the morning. I don't think I can wait another day!

I did have a funny thought earlier today though...maybe someone just needs to put me on a leash and take me for a walk! Maybe all of this boils down to a bad case of gas and I just really need to fart! LOL! Although, I don't suppose that would explain blood loss huh? Oh well, it was funny for a moment anyway.


ShannonEspinoza said...

I cannot imagine your anticipation. I'm still praying for good news - and gas would definitely be just that! Let us know the outcomes