Monday, April 21, 2008

Hi, My Name is Jada and I am a Gardenaholic....

This is the part where you say "Hi Jada....."

Today is just absolutely gorgeous in Southern Illinois!! The kind of day you dream about all winter long. And the only reason I am even sitting at the computer is because one of the boys is still napping...wiped out from our big day in town! I am waiting for him to wake up so I can go out side and plant the new shrubs and flowers I bought....yes MORE of them! None of these include the plants I started from seeds that are still just babies and are not ready to leave the nest. (On a cute note, since I call them my baby plants, my 3 year old always has to give them a hug and a kiss....that's what you do with babies you know!)

So I ended up having no daycare kids until the school bus arrives today, and since I lost a screw out of my glasses (yes they found official proof that I have a screw loose) I had to run to town to get them fixed. I promised the boys a day at the park. We had such a goooooooood time! It's one of those days that makes you so glad to be alive and living in a free country where I can take my kids to a safe place to play and eat junk food and throw rocks in the river and run through wild flowers and just BE. I think we Americans take for granted how many billions of people in the world have never experienced even one second of that feeling, and never will.

So off to town we go and head to the park. The local park sits upon a hill that runs along side the Embarrass River. This is properly pronounced (Em-Braw)...but my husband affectionately calls it the Bare-Ass River just as any good redneck should when faced with such a silly name for a river! LOL! Anyhoo you can take a gravel road down from the park to a canoe launch area. This area is one of my favorite places in the whole world! If you can shut out the sounds of the nearby highway it is nearly perfect in every way. The river slowly meanders by, flanked by thousands of different trees and there is a grassy clearing that stretches for probably 1/4 mile that is just wide open and flat, full of wild flowers, flowering trees and various tree loving critters. If you sit quietly you can watch squirrels gathering goodies or birds nesting. If you run wildly through the grass and flowers you can scatter bees, birds, and butterflies. We did a little of both today. It was heavenly!!!

After we left there, I stopped in the local hardware store....just to see....perhaps they had cheap plants. Well they weren't impressively cheap....but they were impressively pretty! Thankfully I had some cash in my pocket from money I had made with my stitchery business. (I feel like this is my money and don't feel as guilty spending it on frivolous things. A girl needs an extra $30 here or there to spend willy nilly) So I spent about $20 there. And then it happened....I remembered there is a fabulous greenhouse in this town....absolutely fabulous...and it was as if I had lost my f'n mind! I swear I know what it feels like to be a gambling addict or something. My mini-van just drove itself right to that green house, my sandals just walked right up to two beautiful shrubs...and my hands just forked over my debit card (after they picked up just one more cute little planter....) and I plopped down another $30!!!! My husband will be so un-thrilled......

That's why I gotta hurry up and plant them before he gets home!! See Ya!!!


Shannon said...

I would love to see photos of that lovely place you talk! Do you have any to post? And the way I see it (not that my opinion matters), you have earned that $50 you just spent on something you love just by waking up this morning :)