Friday, April 11, 2008

Simple Joys and Silly Boys

So today is the big day, I am working on my cousin's wedding cake. It is nearly complete, only the bottom layer to finish (and the hardest). I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when hubby and I were able to apply the top layer (16" square) of that bottom cake without breaking it!! This is a very very tricky process and I am sure none of you care...but he and I felt very accomplished and I danced me a little yee haw jig around the kitchen!!! It's very easy to cover up when it breaks, which happens quite often and usually the guests will never notice, but for the cake creator it is a tiny failure.

So anyhooooo I have been blaring Sirius Hair Nation all morning while turning my kitchen in to a confection coated mess! The old 80's hair bands seem to be my music of choice when I have a serious task to undertake....I suppose it reminds me of my youth. I can remember when Guns N' Roses came out with, Appetite for Destruction. It literally changed my life. I suppose they were to my generation what Led Zeppelin might have been to our parents generation. (Not that there is really any artistic comparison, but you get the gist). That was our rock n' roll, and even today it feels pure and raw and energetic. I can accomplish a million things at once with It's So Easy blaring through the kitchen....I remember it being such a taboo song when it came out because it actually had the "F" word in it! LOL! Ok give me a break I was in 6th grade!! But that was the song you only played when you parents weren't home.

However I was brought back to present day responsibilities rather quickly when my boys caught me dancing and sing along and acting out the lyrics....

"I see you standin' there
You think you're so cool
Why don't you just
Fuck off!!"

OOOOOOPS!!! Thankfully they were busy dancing themselves and I am fairly confident they didn't pay much attention...I hope. Oh how the tables turn!!!!! Now I am the mother, shielding her children from the evil Rock N' Roll!! LOL!!!

Anyway, music is such a simple joy for me. 80's hair bands make me feel young and energized, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen make me feel inspired and intoxicated, Blue Grass is a comforting cacophony of sound....I could go on and on!!!

So today I enjoying a few of my favorite things. Baking, decorating, Hair Bands, and my boys running around squealing in their underwear because Mommy has pretty much let them get away with murder in order to get the cake done!! They ate marshmallows for breakfast....need I say more?

*Happy Sigh*


Shannon said...

I guess I'm the bad mommy, cuz I really don't shield my little one's ears from the music I listen to (which is just about EVERYTING)! I figure, if I don't want them to hear it, then maybe I shouldn't be listening to it myself. I'm not a do as I say kinda gal! And I'm sure in their lives they will hear the "f" word more than once! Rock on! And let your boys enjoy the music!