Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mommy'd Out!! Among other things....

Sometimes I just get Mommy'd Out. Translation: Affliction affecting parent of the female gender who can be described as emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted. Symptoms include stress, irritability, headache, backache, hunger (from being too busy to eat), over fullness (from stress overeating), and can increase desires for caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and tropical vacations.

Today is one of those days. My youngest is sicker today than he was yesterday...I am hoping the antibiotic does it's job before tomorrow or we will be back at the doctor. His cough is tight and wheezy and he is fussy fussy fussy!! Thankfully Ibuprofen has stepped in and given me a much needed break from the fussing..and "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy," ok you get the idea.

On top of that my Grandparents were here for an overnight visit. Which was actually surprisingly pleasant. Everyone has members of the family that you dread seeing because the experience can sometimes be unpleasant (traumatizing, agonizing, life-changing, see where I am going with this). Well in my life, that would be these two. Not because they don't love me, but because my Grandmother, Bless-Her-Heart (my other Grandma, long departed, always taught me if you say 'bless his/her heart' before you said something bad about someone~it didn't count! LOL!)...has this natural ability to strip you of your entire self-worth and confidence with one single sentence. There have been times over the years that I have been utterly emotionally destroyed by this woman. And it always happens when we are I avoid this event at all costs! Things have improved with age (hers and mine) and her deteriorating health seems to make her a little more appreciative of the human beings in her life who are willing to love her despite it all...and the fact that I have given birth to her two adorable great-grandsons. I think she is very mindful that in some ways they are my bargaining chip. A horrible thing to say I know, but if you'd walked the road I have walked with this woman you might feel the same way. I suppose for the sake of the few family members who know about this blog I should shut up about that....In her defense she now suffers from some dementia...which I sort of feel like gives her an excuse now. It's gone on as long as I can remember (so about 30 years!), but now that she has had this diagnosis, we all just chalk it up to dementia.

Anyhoo, she did manage to get one good knife in the back when we had 30 seconds alone, and boy was it a doozey! I just smiled and acted like I hadn't heard a thing...I survived, and all in all we had a lovely visit. The kids were overjoyed to have them here and I could tell that they loved seeing the boys again! That made me happy. Plus she and I share a common love of gardening (she's the Green Thumb Grandma) so we had lovely discussions about that. All in all it was great. And much better than I expected. Especially since my hubby completely deserted me and hid out in the bedroom all night because he was sick! Ok, he really was sick and I am a heartless bitch for being grouchy about it...sue me. So it wasn't too bad for a solo mission! They left this morning.

But add in a sick and fussy child today, and another one who is jealous and cranky by the noise and extra attention of the other.....I am wiped out! Uggghhhhh!! Somebody put a Margarita in my hand and put me on a plane to anywhere with a beach. Hell I'd go to Guantanamo Bay at this point.....

Thankfully at the moment my oldest is down the road at my in-laws. I am so lucky to have that resource just a mile away!!!!! So now it's just me and Mr. Fussy, who is happily munching on raisins (that he calls grapes...he's half right!) and watching Robin Hood. But my sickly husband will be walking in the door any minute and then you can add two fussy babies to my roster tonight!

God I am awful ain't I???!! I need a vacation!


Stephen said...

--- exhausted ---

That is a good way to describe "mommied out" -- excellent narrative post.