Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where'd She Go?????

Well I have been happily buried in my flower garden all week! Aaaahhh there is nothing sweeter than spring planting!!! And since I am determined to have buds and blossoms all over the place around our new house, I have been very busy!! First I am hardening all the plants that I started from seed, and praying that they survive the process! LOL! And I have also been planting things I have picked up here and there. I promised myself I was not going to spend a fortune on plants this spring....and so far I haven't...but I'm pushing it!!! I bought some shrubs, gerbera daisy, salvia, forced tulips and several ground cover plants yesterday. I have this vision in my mind of how I want things to look, and I have tried to stick with the old fashioned plants that I can remember from my grandma's garden. Snow on the mountain, Baby's Breath, Creeping Phlox etc...none of these new fancy varieties. I want this to look like an old fashioned country garden. I have been tucking old broken antique chairs and do-dads here and there. I even found an old broken rocking chair in my Grandpa's barn that I set next the house with a flower pot in it. Perhaps once things start blooming I will post pics.
Today is also my baby boy's 2nd Birthday!!!! Yay!!! Although our celebrations of this day will be delayed due to a family illness. My father-in-law is having a stint put in the artery in his neck today. So if you are the praying sort, say a little prayer for him. If all goes well we plan to celebrate baby boy's B-day with cake and ice cream on Sunday, however Mommy is going to make him a cake today too!!! One can never have enough cake!! That is my motto!!

I have been meaning to post a picture of the wedding cake that I nearly had to duke it out with! It turned out lovely!!

This pic is small, but hopefully you get the idea. If I ever get around to uploading the pics from my own camera I will have a bigger one to post...but for now I will be buried in my flower garden! See you when it rains!!!


Liz said...

My little girl just turned two, too! Being out in garden must be wonderful. I still have a bit of snow in mine but it is melting fast.

Shannon said...

WOW! You have been busy. And I have checked for you everyday! You make me laugh OUT loud! Tell your little one happy birthday from the crazy stranger on your blog! I will say a little prayer for your father-in-law! I can't wait to see pics of your flower garden. I just know it will be BEAUTIFUL!!!