Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Mouth!

Have ya ever opened up yer big fat mouth to say somethin' and the words in yer brain are not what comed out yer mouth? Surely this ain't just a redneck fay-nom-e-non.

In all seriousness, I did this today. The words in my brain, were not the words that came out my mouth, or in this case my keyboard, which is even worse because it's impossible for the other person to interpret your tone of voice or your facial expressions. I let things like this bother me far too much, but I am sensitive to other people's feelings, and I said something, or rather implied something today that I did not intend. Sometimes one's own insecurity overrides one's ability to know when to just shut the fuck up! :0)~

And to this person I am sorry.


Shannon said...

Want to know something worse. Send a text to the wrong person with some rude comment and they think it's about them. That's worse! I love your honesty! But I know what you mean - I'm the SAME way and have had to pry my foot out of my throat many, many times.