Friday, July 11, 2008

The Great Debaters

I have decided that the only person I can truly help or make changes for is ME! I can't make anyone else change. And Lord knows I am needing to make a few changes. I have come to a big decision, that will include a journey I may have to travel alone. I am going to go back to school and finish my degree. The ultimate goal is a Master's in English, but the short term goal is a Bachelor's Degree.

Hubby has not been supportive of this desire for quite sometime, but I honestly think that the way things have been lately, he knows I am going to do it anyway so he might as well jump on the wagon or walk behind. I am going to do it, and am currently in the process of deciding if English is truly my passion. I am undecided. Something related to Human Services or Counseling would also be fitting for me. Child Psychology was another option. It's a lot to think about it. But I have regretted most of my adult life that I didn't finish my Bachelor's...all because I fell in love with a boy...dumbass (not hubby, different dumbass :0)

I need this for me. Not for income, not for extra retirement money, not for quality college options for the kids....for me. All of the rest will be an added bonus. But it's going to be a long haul with a partner who truly doesn't see any sense in it....I suppose he's happy with life and I just should be too. I DO NOT regret my choice to SAH with my kids....I would have done that regardless, these are years I'll never get back. But the constant knowledge that I am not living up to my potential drives me mad! And as much as I love him, it's hard to express your passion for writing and literature to someone who has absolutely no interest in such things. *Sigh*


Dee said...

You have a natural love of the language and it shows..Go for it,
and keep writting..There is a book in you...


Mrs. M said...

Good for you. And I understand about not feeling like your living up to your potential. I feel that way often.

Shannon said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm ssssoooooooooo happy for you. I have a very close friend who has been a SAHM for 7 years now and has made that same decision. She is a very caring person and is going into nursing! I know it won't be EASY for either of you, but I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! And your husband will support you once he sees how happy it makes you! My husband supported every minute of my education all the way through my Masters and has encouraged me to go back for my PhD. And I can't say it was always easy, either! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!

3rd... said...

you have such a talent for should definitely do English, and then write that book! i'll be the head of ur fanclub!!! awesome
I'm so happy for u