Thursday, July 17, 2008

Little Girls Lost...and Found

I had the wonderful opportunity to reconnect with an old friend tonight! After having one of those days when you literally want to crawl in a corner, put your hands over your ears and rock back and forth like a self soothing was refreshing. I won't lie, I didn't even want to go. I wanted to visit with her, but my day was so bad today that the thought of loading up the kids and traveling to town just seemed like a 50 mile hike...but I did it. And I am so glad!

It is my opinion that few people really know you. The real you. There are few people who know what you have grown up with. The joys, the struggles, the dramas and the nightmares. Even rare are people who went through it with you, with similar struggles and life experiences. I have a few people like this in my life, not many. The Mommy I got to meet up with tonight is one of them. We were joined at the hip from the time we were toddlers until our pre-teens. As close as sisters we played, fought, shared secrets, and watched each other suffer some similar heart aches in our childhoods. We have both grown into wives and mothers (dare I say Smokin' Hot Mamas! LOL) and have come through the other side of our darker childhood dramas fairly healthy and level headed. I'd say we both did a pretty damn good, considering the things we have been through.

It's so easy to be with someone like her. Someone who truly knows you. Maybe not the current events in your life...but the core of you. Someone who shares memories of you being the buck toothed girl learning to ride a bike, or the boy crazy girl kissing the posters on her wall. It's so easy to just be.....just be....not have to put up a front, or hide your flaws, or feel like you need to make some sort of impression. The impressions we have of each other were formed long long ago when we were inseparable little girls, with single moms, no dads, crazy grandmas and plenty of attitude! :0)~

A reconnection with a kindred spirit is always a blessing. I am blessed.

And since I know you are reading this...I love ya girl!!


Shannon said...

Brought chills to my spine! All of my friends like that have since moved on! I miss them dearly. I do still have cousins, though! Family, ah... I love them!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I needed my morning cry for the day! Lets reconnect sans the crazy kids sometime and take some time to be the fun (and of course hot) moms that we are!!!!