Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cheeseburger in Paradise!

I mentioned in an earlier post about the way my friends and I were raised, with a work hard/play hard mentality. Well here we are, all of us between the ages of 30-40.....and the mentality has not changed. I thought ya'll might enjoy seeing some pics of my weekend. This is how Rednecks get down....there are no night clubs in the boonies. Hire a D.J. (who happens to be your neighbor) set him up in your garage and party down!! To protect the innocent..errr guilty...I have blurred some faces of those who might not take kindly to being on my blog...

Note the guns and camouflage! LOL! It doesn't get much more redneck than this...unless of course you are down on the river, which is equally as fun!!
It was a Margarita party, and some of us got into it more than others...but we all got laid...I mean leid...I mean those flowery things you put around your neck...however you spell it! Get you mind out of the gutter! Although there was some wild dancing...good thing hubby doesn't read my blog!
This is him bumpin' uglies with the host!! LMAO! And no, I am not horrible at doing his laundry, he is drenched in sweat!
Ever notice how Rednecks all drink beer at a Margarita Party?......although I did put an umbrella in mine!

And yes, finally, here is me....I do actually exist, although I hate posting pics of myself...ugghh...clearly I was having fun! (That is a friend's hubby with me) My shirt is wet from dancing in the rain, I swear I had not spilled my drink all over myself...yet....and just don't ask how I got the beads!!

I guess we never really do outgrow our childhood do we? Although it wasn't all fun and games. A bus load full of a bachelor party stopped in (yes they were invited) full of drunk boys, including some from a rival town. Sometime I will have to blog about the turf wars around here. Rednecks get pretty viscous about their territory...and these boys have clashed since we were kids. There was a pretty big scrap and a little bit of blood, but the party raged on into the wee hours of the morning! Jimmy Buffet would be proud!


Shannon said...

I'm so glad you let your hair down for the weekend and had a BLAST!!! And you are beautiful! I'm glad you posted a picture of yourself. Now I can put a face with all of your great stories!

The Pastoral Princess said...

Awww thanks Shannon!!

kochernut mama said...

Oh Jada....I'm so glad you posted these pics...I even sent the link to my mom so she could see what a GREAT time we had :)

That was the most fun I've had in a LONG, LONG time (even not drinking!)

I know Tara really enjoyed meeting everyone and she really liked YOU! Of course you are just soo damn irresistible!

I will let you know when she gets here...I have a feeling it will be this week sometime...YEA!

The Pastoral Princess said...

Yay!!! Another little redneck is about to join our gang!! Hang in there girl, it's almost over! I almost posted the pic of you lounging in the chaise, but I wasn't sure you would appreciate it!! LOL!!! You look like a watermelon with legs!! LMAO!!!

Liz said...

It is so nice to have a face to go with your name! Glad you had fun - you deserve it!

kochernut mama said...

Watermelon with legs....LMAO!!!

I don't might be nice to be "almost famous" ;)

Anonymous said...

AHHHH, to be young again. I remember those days. I am the infamous mother of Kochernut and soon to be granny of a beautiful baby girl, hang on she comes ;)
Loved the pic of SIL in his "dancin" hat!!
Granny Banany