Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chicken Little

Well as some of you know today was the day I was supposed to go to the Dr. to discuss my fears about possibly being bipolar.

I have to suck it up and admit I cancelled the appointment. Call me chicken. Place me in Egypt. Perhaps I am in denial. However after a long discussion with my husband, who is of the opinion that having 7 children 5 days a week, one with special needs who is prone to repetitive noises all day, a 3 and 4 year old who take the crown for Drama Prom King and Queen of the Year, a 2 year old who has no fear of anything dangerous whatsoever, in addition to 3 school age children who are rambunctious and bored.....I decided, who wouldn't be nuts right now?! I also have 3 other jobs to worry about on top of this job.

So here's the plan...because I am painfully aware that perhaps we (hubby and I) are in denial. I am going to wait until school starts and see how I am feeling. Actually I have pretty much felt fine since I posted about my fears of bipolar disorder. I don't know if perhaps I just needed to vent or if I am kidding myself. My husband swears he has not noticed any of my 'odd' symptoms except for occasionally this summer, since I have taken on a heavier work load. Of course in his perfect world I wouldn't work at all....but that doesn't pay the bills.

I am almost ashamed to admit that I have not kept my commitment to get this checked out. But for the moment I feel fine. We shall see.


Liz said...

Are your "symptoms" affecting your life? So what if you are bipolar, or ADD or something! If you were diabetic you'd have it checked out wouldn't you? You'd monitor your sugar and take your insulin - right? If you thought you had a heart condition you'd see a doctor ASAP. Why is this any different? You need to take care of yourself... It is OK if you don't do it TODAY - just promise yourself you'll do it in September and follow through.

C said...

I sent you an email via your crafty website (the only way I could see to email you). Did you get it? I had some thoughts on this, but it seemed rather private for a public blog post....

The Pastoral Princess said...

I will check *C* I haven't checked it in a while! Thanks!

Yes I promise I am not ignoring this issue, just putting it on the shelf for a bit.....I am aware that it might not be the smartest thing I have ever done.

Shannon said...

Your promise was to yourself, not to anyone else! You just announced it publicly to help you stick to it... Only listen to yourself in this matter. You will know in your heart of hearts what needs to happen! Hang in there! I'll tell you what, if I had that many kids in my house everyday - even though I LOVE kids and work with them in my profession - I would be admitted to an insane assylum!! I can promise you that! :)