Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flips on a dime...

Oh how life can toss your good day up in the air and whirl it into a twister full of darkness. I was going to post a quick little note about a message I recieved today from a dear friend who hasn't heard from me in a while. He told me he misses my exclamation points! I had to's true, I use exclamations all the time! In real life I speak very animatedly (remember I'm "perky"), so when I speak in e-mails I suppose I try to convey the same animation with my punctuation...hey that rhymes! But anyhoo just as I was getting ready to post this I got a call that stopped me in my tracks.

A local bachelor, a farmer, who lives with and cares for his elderly mother, who is also an uncle to 3 of our friends, a brother to a neighbor and fellow church parishioner, took his life this morning. The community is shocked. He was found in a barn. I am stunned. This guy was always happy. Genuinely nice. Always teased me about working my husband to death...when he knew good and well it's always John Deere who works him to death. It was kind of our inside joke. He is a regular customer of mine at the bank, and I will never see him again. I didn't know him well, but I know his family well. It's tragic. His poor mother relied on him for care, she is unable to care for herself. I can't imagine her pain at this moment. I can't imagine what he was thinking....but I know the feeling of putting on the "happy face". Today I wonder how many times I saw him and misread the facade??


Shannon said...

OH NO!! Tragic! This makes me feel very, very sad. I wish people knew how to tell someone about their pain. I feel horrible for his mother and family. My prayers are with him!

beth said...

When dad told me about this last night I could not believe it. He always seemed happy. I can't imagine what was going through his mind, how alone you would have to feel to take your own life. Truly a tragedy.