Friday, July 25, 2008

Soapbox Momma

First of all I have to give thanks to the rain fairies for finally getting us wet around here. The corn was starting to roll up faster than a doobie at a Grateful Dead concert! And to be quite honest, Mama was getting a bit lazy about watering her humongous flower gardens...whose bright idea was that anyway? So YAY! Rain!! On the downside, I am stuck in the house with all the kids today! But I'll only have 5 today...hopefully we can salvage some of my sanity today so I can decorate the wedding cake. I will post pics tonight!

**Slowly and dramatically stepping onto my soapbox...straightening up my nightgown and smiling...remembering I forgot to brush my teeth**

Why in the hell would you let 31 days go by without calling the police if your 3 year old daughter was missing?? I am following this news tory every day and get angrier and angrier. I can not for the life of me, begin to understand how you allow something like this to happen. My child would not be missing 31 minutes (ok 31 seconds, who am I kidding...I'd freak) before I called the police. And I would be on the phone with the police 24/7 until my child was found! I would be that annoying mother who camps out on the lawn of the police department.....I'd find a way to call the Governor, the President, and maybe even the Prime Minister of England! My face would be in front of every national news camera for every single broadcast!! I would be screaming from every street corner in America that my child is missing and I need help! I would die without knowing my child was safe!!! WTF is wrong with these people? What do you do for 31 days while you know your child is missing? My opinion...drugs! Or perhaps psychotic! If the mother didn't kill this child herself, my money is on drugs. And I am speaking from experience. There was a time in my life when I didn't give a rats ass about the details of my life either. The fog is so heavy over your brain that it might not even occur to you that 31 days has passed, and you might be so f'd up that it doesn't occur to you to panic about the situation. I am not talking about Stoner Sally here...I'm talking hard drugs. This girl is/was messed up on something and her family is protecting her. The mom had originally called 911 to have her daughter arrested for stealing money and a car....this sounds like the act of a desperate addict, don't ya think? The story is that the babysitter took her.....hmmm, while not exactly the smartest thing to do, maybe the babysitter was protecting this child from a psychotic addicted mother! But I think we all know this story is bullshit. This child is gone. Somebody knows why. These people need to step up and tell the truth. What kind of world do we live in?

This poor child. I fear she will not be found alive. I pray that she does.


Shannon said...

Here I am in my world of ignorance once again! These are the stories that make me NOT watch the news... my heart aches to hear things like this and frankly, life is sad enough just walking down the street or listening to mom's YELL at their kids at the grocery store. I cannot believe them for one minute that they don't know what happened! URGH!