Friday, July 11, 2008

Noooo Way Maaaan

OMG kids we are wearing weed in our birthday suit! No foolin' just read it on here's the article: Skin churns out marijuana-like brain chemicals

That's why my skin was always so clear in high school and college :0)~

And further proof that perhaps it's time we solve our recession problem by legalizing a chemical that apparently our body makes anyway. Legalize weed, license people to farm and sell it, tax the ever livin' shit out of it and VOILA...budget problem solved! Plus the hillbillies down south will be upgraded their john boats for bass boats, trading in their 1974 Bronco's for a spiffy 1999 Bravada, and every shack around will have a hot tub out by the well......

Ok I am joking about the hillbilly surplus, but if people studied this seriously...the reasons our government developed such a propaganda against marijuana in the first place (completely a ploy to further segregate and punish blacks) and the studies that have shown the stoner to be no less dangerous, and usually less, than the local drunk. I don't care for the drunk hanging around all the time either...but it's legal. And every drink I serve at the tavern is taxed for the good of our state and country. My advice...if I were president...make weed legal too. Let all those party animals get jugged up and stoned! There'd be a lot less fighting and lot less unwanted pregnancies....who has the motivation to kick ass or chase ass when you are drunk and stoned....'dude ya got any chips?' LMAO

Yeah yeah I am poking fun at a controversial topic....what else is new. I am all for legalizing pot. I've seen far more fucked up and dangerous drunks in my day. Live and Let Live...and make a little tax money while you are at it!! Hell it was good enough for George Washington!


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Liz said...

during the 40s the gov't tried to get farmers to grow hemp for the war effort. check out "hemp for victory" some time - it's a hoot.

Shannon said...

Amen and hallelujah!!!!! I know I'd smoke me some if it was legal! I'll say no more! I don't want to have to admit to anything at a later date!!!