Friday, July 25, 2008

The Proposal

Ok I know I am blogging like an obsessed freak lately...but I just have to write this down somewhere. My son River and his little girlfriend "M" (he is 4, she is 3) were playing while I had the radio on, finishing up the last of the cake and snack dishes. All of the sudden some booty shaking song comes on this conversation occurs:

M says "Let's Go Dance!"
River says "Yeah!!"
M says "Hey...Let's Get MARRIED!!"
Rivers says "Okay!!!"
Then he holds up one finger as to say 'wait a minute' and says:

"Ok we'll get married...but I gotta go poop first!" and runs to the bathroom.

The romantic genes must run in the family! He's just like his dad...always a smooth talker! LMAO!


The Flying Circus Mom said...

Ok your son must be my husband re incarnated. The way my husband proposed to me was to say "well we have been dating about 2 years now, I guess it's time to poop or get off the pot, let's get married" Romance at its finest let me tell you...LMAO

Liz said...

he he he...

Anonymous said...

Great story! My husband isn't much on romance either. I am usually giggling in my mind at his attempts.

Shannon said...

That story is one that will live on forever and ever and ever! ;) TOO FUNNY!!!!!